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40 years experience
About us & our expertise

We are marine insurance brokers and have worked exclusively in this business for 40 years. We have established our identity based on very simple grounds: knowledge, dedication, honesty and trust. Evidence of this is our portfolio of longstanding clients many of whom we have served continuously for 5, 10, 20 years or more.

Over the years we have insured the fleets of very important ship owners, shipyards, ports and terminals mostly in Argentina and Paraguay. We also insure the professional liabilities of a substantial number of ship agents both in Argentina and abroad. We sell a product that delivers. We provide an insurance which pays what it promised to pay. We take no risks. We offer a trustworthy and transparent cover backed by professional underwriters also specialized in marine matters.

Our goal has always been to prioritize quality over quantity. Our identity is based on that principle and dictates our way of working. For that reason we only work with insurers whom we have known for over 20 years, during which time we have been able to test their professionalism and knowledge in marine matters as well as their financial stability. This long working relationship gives us peace of mind and certainty of cover.

We make sure we understand our clients´ business, be it ship owning, port authorities, terminal operators, ship agents or any other player in the shipping world, be it principal or agent. The knowledge we thus develop allows us to design and quote the best possible insurance so that our clients have the right cover for their real exposures. We strengthen our ties with our assureds and insurers on a daily basis and endeavour to create alliances between both parties to the contract, thus generating an atmosphere of goodwill and true cooperation. And it works. We profess to know our clients and the cover we provide and we totally trust our selected underwriters. We have been in the market long enough to possess the necessary experience and the knowledge to deliver the right coverage at the right price and handle claims in an efficient way.
Our team
“Our aim is to provide the right coverage at the right price”
Jorge Rubén Rodríguez
(+ 54 9 11) 44770072
Guillermo Federico Santana MacKinlay
(+ 54 9 11) 64565088
Adriana Susana Rémolo
Dora Steeman
Julieta Noa Rodriguez
(+ 54 9 11) 67699966